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Bottles & Accessories

Plastic Round Bottles
Available Colors: White, Amber and Clear

*Available in most sizes and in Child Safety Caps.*


Flat Intact Cap Bottle
(No Neck Band Needed)
Color: Ivory

   Capacity (125cc)             Capacity (155cc)            Capacity (175cc)
   Bottle (HDPE)                   Bottle (HDPE)                  Bottle (HDPE)
   Cap (PP)                         Cap (PP)                         Cap (PP)

   Height:90 mm                   Height:100 mm                Height:112 mm
   Width:60 mm                   Width:60 mm                   Width:60 mm
   Length:46 mm                  Length: 46 mm                Length:46 mm


Bio-Safety Flip Lid Bottle
Suitable for flip and various cap combinations
Color: Ivory

                          BYBIO-125                          BYBIO-150
                          Capacity (125cc)                  Capacity (150cc)            
                          Bottle (HDPE)                        Bottle (HDPE)                 
                          Cap (LDPE)                           Cap (LDPE)                        
                          Height:119.3mm                     Height:126.5 mm                
                          Width:52 mm                         Width:52 mm                  
                          Length:52 mm                        Length: 52 mm

Safety Square Screw Bottle
Suitable for square and various cap combinations
Color: Ivory
   BYHP-80                     BYHP-150

   Capacity (80cc)            Capacity (150cc)            
   Bottle (HDPE)                Bottle (HDPE)                 
   Cap (PP)                      Cap (PP)                        
   Height:72 mm                Height:110.5 mm                
   Width:50.5 mm              Width:56.5 mm                  
   Length:42 mm               Length: 44 mm

 Straight Intact Lid Bottle 
 (No Neck Band Needed) Color: Ivory


                    Capacity (80cc)                      Capacity (110cc)
                    Bottle (HDPE)                           Bottle (HDPE) 
                    Cap (PP)                                 Cap (PP)
                    Height:84mm                           Height: 105.4mm 
                    Width: 45mm                           Width: 45mm
                    Length: 45mm                          Length: 45mm

Square Safety Tamper Resistant Bottle 
Suitable for screw tamper resistant and various cap combinations
Color: Ivory

                     BYCFT-450                          BYCFT-500 

                Capacity (450cc)                   Capacity (500cc)
                Bottle (HDPE)                         Bottle (HDPE) 
                Cap (PP)                               Cap (PP)
                Height:148.7 mm                    Height: 149 mm 
                Width: 66.9 mm                     Width: 70.5 mm
                Length: 66.9 mm                    Length: 70.5 mm


                                      BYCFT-750                           BYCFT-1000 

                                      Capacity (750cc)                  Capacity (1000cc)
                                      Bottle (HDPE)                        Bottle (HDPE) 
                                      Cap (PP)                              Cap (PP)
                                      Height:175.4 mm                    Height: 205.7mm 
                                      Width: 80.8 mm                     Width: 84.3 mm
                                      Length: 80.8mm                     Length: 84.3 mm


Safety Ring-Pull Bottle 
Suitable for screwing ring-pull and various cap combinations
Color: Ivory



                    BYBOY-185                       BYBOY-545
                Capacity (185cc)                Capacity (545cc)
                Bottle (HDPE)                      Bottle (HDPE) 
                Cap (PP)                            Cap (PP)
                Height:100 mm                    Height: 98 mm 
                Width: 60 mm                     Width: 97.5 mm
                Length: 60 mm                    Length: 97.5 mm


Boston Round (Glass Bottle)
Other size & color available, please call for pricing information.

Dropper Glass Pipette


Phenolic Ribbed Caps


Powder Spoons
Great and convenient to use with powders.


                 Powder Spoon: (1 gram)        Powder Spoon: (1 gram)         Powder Spoon: (0.5 gram)          

                 Color: Clear or White             Color: Clear or White              Color: Clear or White                

                 Total Length:108mm             Total Length:70.5mm              Total Length:43.5mm