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FLAT Pouches                                                                     

Aroma Patterned Flat Pouches
Our great metallized pattern design pouch is the hottest trend and
ideal for small size sample packaging needs.                                            ATTRACTIVE !

Tamper Evident Flat Pouches
Sharp see through material gives your product the eye catching
look with and all open product display.                                           WITH ZIPPER AND HANG HOLE !

Metallized Flat Pouches
Perfect for coffee and powder packaging.  This sleek and stylish product outlook will sure help 
you increase your sales volume.                            

Flat Foil Pouches
Great for sample based packaging of herbs, powders, capsules, teas etc.
Also provides tear open feature for added convenience.                    WITH TEAR OPEN FEATURE !

For bigger packaging needs choose this same great looking foil pouch that 
comes with an open bottom with zip lock.  Available only in Silver             OPEN BOTTOM W/ZIP !

Ziplock Bag (clear) High quality material at low price.